1st Sgt Salsa Gourmet Ghost Pepper Salsa


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This gourmet cooking salsa is an all natural, non, gmo, gluten free product with zero added salt/sugar. It has over 11, spices and 13, vegetables with no preservatives. It’s good for dipping and great to cook with.All of products are made by veterans in the usa to support military families, veterans and first responder’s. (Non, profit).


  • Gourmet salsa made with carolina reaper peppers giving you that extreme heat you’ve been craving
  • All natural, non, gmo, gluten free, with no preservatives or additives
  • We do not add salt or sugar to our salsa giving you the natural taste of the tomatoes and peppers
  • We make our salsa in small batches with 11, spices and 13, vegetables to ensure quality and freshness
  • Our cooking salsa is thick, rich and chunky which makes for a great product to cook with


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