Pepper Addiction is planned as a hot sauce and spicy food review site.  Our family farm has focused on super hot and super rare peppers for some time.  Recently, our thirteen year old daughter has sown an interest in reviewing hot sauces and spicy food.  To get her started, I loaded her up with some of my favorite hot sauces.  She created five reviews in the first day.  It was obvious we needed a way to fund her growing obsession.

Most of the hot sauces listed here are sauces we would like to review or have reviewed.  Orders placed with Pepper Addiction are fulfilled by Amazon.  Associate fees are paid to her Amazon gift card / account.  As folk shop at Pepper Addiction, the revenue generated is set aside for my daughter to purchase hot sauces for review.

Peppers by Mail

Our main business is the Peppers by Mail farm.  There, both of the kids help a great deal during the summer months.  My son, Andrew, helps on the farm but has not shown an interest in spicy food or reviews yet.  He is a few years younger than my daughter.  So hoping that in time he might be interested in activities related to my other love: Forging steel.